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Theo Fennell

Theo Fennell’s Jewellery has been captivating the world for over 40 years; from rings for rock stars and royalty to trophy designs for international sporting events.

Theo Fennell surprised his teachers at Eton in the 60’s by becoming the first pupil in living memory to go to Art School. He first studied at York and then at The Byam Shaw. Starting off in portraiture he realised he would soon starve. By pure kismet he was offered a job at the great silversmiths Edward Barnard’s where he discovered an aptitude for silver and Jewellery design as well as a huge respect for craftsmanship.

His inspirational jewellery incorporates eclectic, quirky and beautifully detailed design with the skills of some of the world’s finest craftsmen. The combination of modern design with the classical, romantic tradition makes his style instantly recognisable.

“To me the studio and workshop are the heartbeat of the business” says Theo.  Some of the craftsmen have been with Theo for nearly 30 years, but, he also nurtures young talent and is intimately involved in fostering the next generation in his workshops and at various schools and colleges where there are Theo Fennell awards, and in training and mentoring young designers and craftsmen through his own workshops and studios.

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