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After all, if not now, when?

We’re showing the world how exciting, rewarding and transformational niche asset sales and acquisition can be. Sell the art that can delight a new audience. Buy the vintage whisky. Drive away the classic car. After all, if not now, when?

House of Assets is a proudly 100% founder-owned enterprise with a mission to put the ownership of authentic, niche private assets into the hands of those who value quality and calibre and who aim high and dream big.

We have an unequivocal commitment to transparency and integrity in everything we do – and everything you’ll find across the House of Assets marketplace is truly special. That goes for the experience our buyers and sellers enjoy every day too.

That’s what makes House of Assets make sound acquisition sense.

Buying and selling on House of Assets

We know what we know. That’s why you’ll find beautifully curated products listed only in the niche asset categories we’re so renowned for specialising in. We’re the digital destination for premium assets we’ve made it easy for sellers and buyers to connect and secure some of the most sought-after, highly coveted items that are currently available online.

When only the best will do

The quality and calibre of our listings is a huge priority for us. That’s why our in-house experts review every listing. We scrutinise authenticity and provide guidance, valuation estimates and access to valuation experts for more specialist help. We ensure every item has an appropriate description with all the details our buyers need to make informed decisions and to bid accordingly. Talk to our experts about the other specialist services we offer.

Buying and selling at a glance

Buying and selling on House of Assets is as simple as is it seamless. To buy, just create an account, search to find something that takes your eye, place a bid or Buy Now, make your payment and your seller will ship it directly to you. To sell, create an account, decide whether to list for sale by auction or private listing, submit it for review, keep an eye on our bids on your dashboard and, when it sells, ship it to its lucky new owner.

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House of Assets?

The world’s your oyster

Thanks to the support of our incredibly talented team, House of Assets operates across the globe with an unparalleled support service that’s here to help no matter where in the world you’re buying or selling from. This also means whatever the asset you set out to secure, you’re more likely to find it right here.

Safe, trusted transactions

As you’d expect, every transaction on our platform is transparent, safe and secure. All payments and refunds that might be applicable are handled by Stripe Connect, which is trusted internationally to meet the rigorous standards set by the global financial industry.

Low fees

You’ll find our commission rates very competitive. Our fees only apply to our sellers and they’re set low. Fees for shipping and delivery are the responsibility of our buyers, that includes any international customs and duties that may be applied. We offer specialist insurance for all items listed on request – every item sold is covered by the buyers’ insurance until it’s safely delivered.

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