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There’s no substitute for expert knowledge and our team of specialists have it in spades. Whether your passion is fine wine and whisky, classic cars or collectible works of art, we’ve got a remarkable team of experts who have a world of experience in their chosen field to support you. We’ll give you the confidence you need to know you’re buying or listing a superb item at a price that makes it a really great deal.

How our experts can help you

Whatever you need, there’s a House of Assets expert on hand to help. Get in touch and we’ll connect you with an expert who has extensive experience in your niche asset category and who will give you the advice and answers that will make your sale or purchase safe, secure and seamless.

  • Expert help with pricing

    Unsure if you’re listing your product at the right price or want to know more about getting an independent valuation? We can help. Our wealth of experience and contacts mean we’re best placed to give you realistic sale price guidelines and to put you in touch with a valuer if you’d like a specialist valuation for your asset.

  • Expert help with selling

    Need support making your listing reach the right buyers and stand out to best effect? We’ve got an expert for that. We’ll help you present your item perfectly and ensure you include all the necessary details that will help a prospective buyer make an informed decision.

  • Expert help with buying

    Seen the item you’ve set your heart on, but aren’t sure if the price is right? Talk to an expert. We’ll be able to guide you on pricing and whether this item will add value to your existing collection. We can answer your questions on everything from authentication to appropriate storage – whatever you need to know, we can help.

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