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Arrange a private valuation for total confidence

When you’re listing an asset for sale, you want to know the price you’re hoping to achieve reflects its fair market value – the only way to be sure you’re in the right price range is to get a professional valuation.

House of Assets can provide an estimated value of assets on request, but, for every type of asset, we’re pleased to offer the option for a reputable specialist valuer to provide a precise private valuation. A private valuation will also be helpful if you’re tax planning, investing or arranging insurance for your asset. 

A specialist valuation calls for a high level of expertise, industry and market knowledge – it really is both an art and a science. An expert private valuation specialist will consider the current demand in the market for your type of niche asset and the liquidity risk, which will again be affected by demand at the time. A valuation will also take account of the current activity of specialist dealers who may have arrangements with collectors or artists and can influence value. 

Finally, a sound knowledge of market data and the latest insights are crucial for the specialist valuer. Whether it’s art, a collectable classic car, fine wine, whisky or a racehorse or rare Hermès handbag, market research data that details the sales volumes of auctions and independent sales and relevant price levels is vital for a precise valuation analysis.

We can also provide valuations for the following:

• Estimates for Sale (private listings and auction)
• Valuations for Loan Collateral (depending on jurisdiction)
• Taxation Valuations (Inheritance, Estate, Donation, Gift and Capital Gains Tax)
• Valuations for Insurance Purposes
• Valuations for Family Division

Bear mind that some high-value assets may need to be sent away to a specialist for valuation and authentication and that a fee for a private valuation will apply.

For any questions on the valuation of an asset, Customer Service can help.

Request valuation

Please contact Customer Service who will be pleased to provide more details on specialist valuation fees, timescales and how to send the asset to the valuer.

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Be as detailed as possible **** For works of Art include: – Medium, Material & Paper Used – Measurements – Is it framed – Condition – Has it been restored? If so, to what extent? – Provenance **** For Wine & Whiskey: – Country of Origin – Bottle Size – Condition – Provenance **** For vehicles: – full specification – Has it been restored? If so, to what extent?
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