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House of Assets is the digital destination for premium assets and the place where we know you’ll find the perfect buyer. From listing an item with perfect product photography to using your own unique dashboard to manage every transaction, selling on House of Assets is seamless, secure and guaranteed to reach the audience you need.


House of Assets

Great company

Thanks to powerful collaborations and connections with some of the world’s most exciting vendors of art, fine wines and whisky and collectible cars, House of Assets is truly a destination marketplace.

Audiences that count

Our exclusive community of members comprises select prospective purchasers who know exactly what they’re looking for and that House of Assets is the place to find it.

Passion assets only

We focus only on the niche assets that make our buyers’ hearts beat faster. There’s no wading through pages of irrelevant listings that we neither specialise in or offer expert support in. We list only what you came for.

Unparalleled support

From our dedicated Customer Service team to the experts in each of our nice asset fields, we’ve reinvented the marketplace experience to make life easier for everyone.

How it works

Register with us and then pick a selling method

It starts with a click to register. Complete a quick form, then decide whether you want to sell by private listing or auction, then follow the instructions to get started.

Tell us about what you’re selling

Include as many details as possible on your listing so your prospective buyers have all the information they need to search, bid and buy.

Upload your photos or arrange a professional photoshoot

Photos say it all – there’s no limit to the number of photographs you can include and we’ve got plenty of tips to help you showcase your product to best effect.

Review and submit

Once you’ve completed your listing with all the information and images you need, simply click submit and your listing will be reviewed before going live.


sell at House of Assets

Buy Now

List your assets using our private listing service with a Buy Now price that you’re comfortable with. Once you’ve sold, liaise with your buyer to complete the transaction.


Sell your asset by auction – complete your listing, set your starting bid and timescale then sit back and manage your bids and completed sales on your own private dashboard.

Group Purchasing – Coming Soon

Sell your assets through the power of Group Purchasing. This one-to-one service invites up to 100 collaborators with a minimum investment share of 1% and a max of 90%.

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