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Aelita, Elena, and Katia from Limelight Nova offer a combined 25 years of luxury personal shopping expertise.

Since 2008, Limelight Nova has played a pivotal role in the luxury fashion industry, specialising in the global sourcing of rare designer items and luxury goods. They take pride in being among the the first fashion concierge and personal shopping companies in Europe, and continue to stand as one of the largest independent luxury fashion concierge companies today.

Their services cater to some of the world’s most prominent international celebrities and VIP clients, with offices strategically located in London, Monaco, and Dubai.

Having established relationships with over 1,000 brands worldwide, and a reliable independent supplier network, they ensure priority access to the most coveted products for their clients.

Not limited to fashion, they welcome enquiries for any luxury products and offer complimentary bespoke styling and gift suggestions. Securing the hardest-to-get Hermes bags, Patek Philippe watches, bespoke jewelry, and evening attire perfect for prestigious events, they offer a next level personal shopping experience. 

Limelight Nova specialities:

  • Rare, new and vintage Hermes, Chanel and Louis Vuitton bags
  • Sold-out fashion collaborations
  • Limited edition and custom watches
  • Fine jewellery and personalised gifts
  • Evening wear and garment tailoring – haute couture and red carpet styling

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