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An exclusive service that makes everything possible

The House of Assets Concierge Service forms part of a bespoke suite of advantages that comes with Inner Circle membership. Tailored to suit and fulfil the wishes of our most discerning individual and business members, our Concierge Service promises experiences that could otherwise be out of reach.

Our service is led by the House of Assets Concierge Manager who has 25 years’ experience in this premium lifestyle industry taking care of the needs of high- and ultra-high net worth clients, including members of the Royal Family.


Quintessentially has taken the concept of luxury concierge to an entirely new level with a suite of services that are designed to enhance every aspect of members’ lives.

This is a service delivered by professionals who know your time is precious and that you want to spend more of it doing what’s important to you.

You want to track down a rare work of art, find the perfect property, get fast tracked through every airport queue or secure a last-minute reservation at an otherwise inaccessible venue?

No matter how extraordinary the request, urgent the need, Quintessentially is here to make the difference that counts.

Legendary experiences

There are events – and then there are incredible events and experiences that are only available to House of Assets’ Inner Circle members. We’ve partnered with some of the world’s leading brands to deliver a portfolio of exclusive events that are only available through these outstanding collaborations.

Here’s a snapshot of some of our legendary experiences and benefits:

  • Full Concierge Service with Quintessentially
  • Horseracing owners’ boxes with Highclere
  • Worldwide Ferrari tours
  • Theo Fennell Jewellery offers
  • Private art viewings of Picasso, Warhol, Banksy and more

Want to keep it top tier?

Contact Customer Service to talk to our team about the difference the House of Assets Concierge Service could make for you.

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