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Photo tips to help you take the perfect photo for your listing on House of Assets

The quality of your photograph will speak volumes – it will also reflect the standards every item listed on House of Assets must adhere to.

We’ve put together our top tips for taking the best photo that will showcase your asset in the best way possible and help you avoid some common photography pitfalls.

Our top photo tips

  • Take a look at our Product Photography to discover how to make the very best of the product you’re listing.
  • Aim for your photo to be of professional quality and shot in high resolution.
  • Always photograph your asset using a plain, white or cream background so the focus in on the product without any distractions. For large items, such as cars, keep the background as plain as possible.
  • Graphics, drawings or illustrations aren’t acceptable.
  • Try to take several photos using a range of angles to display your item to best effect. There’s no limit to the number of photos you can add to your listing, but aim for every picture to be of a really high standards.
  • Style it up. Think about photographing artwork in your home positioned alongside a complimentary prop (one that doesn’t detract from the piece), hanging above a chair or on an easel, for example.
  • Add a little individuality – if you’re selling regularly or have a collection to list, try and give each shot a similar look and feel or theme. Take shots from similar angles, with the same backdrop or use a colourful prop in each listing. It’s a pro tip and will certainly catch the eye of those who’ll recognise your style.
  • Create interest by capturing the process. Include shots of an art studio or your wine in its racks. By giving them more of a story or back history about your product, it’ll help to engage your potential buyers.

Technical details for photos

  • We accept file formats, including .jpg, .png, .svg (useful for logos), .gif, .webp,
  • Ensure your image is at least 1000 pixels wide or high.
  • Your colour mode must be RGB.

Remember, every listing will be subject to review before it goes live – please refer back to these tips when you’re ready to sell.

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