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How to master product photography like a pro

The most effective way to sell an asset on House of Assets is by showcasing it using stunning photographs that your prospective buyers will thank you for. Your photographs will and should reveal all, from special features and details to any minor imperfections or flaws. Listing with photographs that reflect your product exactly will help to ensure your transaction is open and transparent and avoid any misunderstanding when your item has been delivered.

Whether you’re using a smartphone or a professional camera set-up, here are our guidelines on how to take the best product photographs for your listings.

Do your homework

Before you even pick up your camera or smartphone, explore House of Assets listings for products like yours to see what other sellers’ images look like. Take note of the backgrounds, lighting, props, close-ups and angles that really stand out and the difference they’ll make to the audience you want to reach.

Plan your shots

There’s no limit to the number of photographs that can be included on your listing, but go for quality over quantity and variety like this:

– Close ups that show the details that count and highlight any imperfections.
– Zoomed-out shots to convey the scale of your item – good use of props will help here too.
– Contextual shots that show the product in use.
– Group shots that feature other associated items in a set or collection.

Get your lighting right

The right lighting will always create the best impact. Natural daylight or bright light that has a soft or diffused quality will work best, but avoid direct sunlight and practice your flash to prevent glare and reflections on glass or glossy surfaces.

Think about investing in or making a lightbox for your fine wine and whisky listings.

Make your background work hard

Your aim here is to choose a background that compliments your product, but doesn’t distract from it. For example, consider plain walls in colours that suit works of art, natural textures for fine wines, earthy-coloured backgrounds for whiskies and great landscape backdrops for cars.

Props for scale and context

Props should be used only where they add value.

Although the size of a work of art will be included in the listing, it’s helpful to include photographs with windows, doors or ornaments that show the scale too. Setting a glass or decanter next to an aged whisky bottle will demonstrate its size and could serve as a theme for all your listings to help them stand out.

Smartphone tips

You don’t have to be a pro to take a great smartphone picture – here are our top technical tips to help you get your settings right from the off:

– Use the grid to position your product at the right angle and to help you frame your image using the respected Rule of Thirds. (
– Turn off live mode.
– Don’t use your flash unless your product absolutely calls for it.
– Use a tripod for maximum stability and avoid your camera shaking when you snap.

Take a look at our Photo Tips for more helpful guidance when it comes to taking the best photographs for your listings.

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