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The Announcement feature offers a powerful solution for House of Assets to communicate important information to their vendors effectively.

Using this feature, HoA can effortlessly send announcements directly to all or a subset of vendors, facilitating seamless communication within the marketplace ecosystem. Furthermore, vendors gain the ability to schedule announcements, ensuring that vital updates reach them at the most opportune moments. As a result, vendors promptly receive announcements from HoA and take the necessary steps in response to the notices, fostering efficient and informed decision-making throughout the platform.

When the admin sends an announcement to the vendor, the vendor will receive a notification through the Vendor Dashboard> Announcements screen. The vendor can close the announcements by clicking on the “cross” sign located at the top right corner. 

Email Notification

Once an administrator sends an announcement to the vendor(s), the vendor(s) will receive a notification through their registered email ID. This process eliminates the possibility of missing any announcement notifications.

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