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When a customer creates a support ticket from the vendor’s store page, the vendor gets notified via mail that there is a customer waiting for support. Similarly, the customer gets notified via mail when the seller has replied to his support topic.

To view Support tickets, go to Vendor Dashboard→Support.

There you can:

  • View all their tickets under All Tickets.
  • Filter them by Open Tickets and Closed Tickets.
  • View Status and Title of each ticket, Customer’s name, Date when the ticket was created and also the Topic/order number.
  • Close or Re-open a ticket directly from the Actions column with or without responding to the ticket. This action can be done from all 3 tabs – All Tickets, Open Tickets, and Close Tickets.

To respond to a customer’s ticket, just click on the Topic or Title. This will open up a new page.

From here you [the vendor] can write your reply to your client in the given box.

You can also change the status of the ticket using the drop-down.

Vendors can add as many replies as they want and customers can also reply to vendor’s responses.

After adding a reply, vendors can view the entire conversationadd more replies, or choose to close the ticket if they want.

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