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You can differentiate our ‘Buy Now’ products shown in the listings by the little icon shown below:

The Buy Now, Auctions, and Group Purchase products have different icons to help quickly tell them apart. Once you click through to the product page, they will all look the same except for the price and action button areas. For Auction products, they look like this:

Here, you can see the current bid, the amount of time left before the auction ends, and your bid button.

To make a bid on this product, just increase the bid price (it will default to the lowest bid amount you can make) and then click the Bid button. You will then see this notification at the top of the page:

If that is all you want to purchase, either click View Basket or click the Basket menu (top right of the page). You can then go through the Checkout process.

If you want to increase your bid, just make a new bid.

To see what current auctions you are bidding on, go to your Customer Dashboard and click Auctions.

When you win an auction, the item will automatically be added to your basket, from there you can then pay for the item.

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