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The ‘Follow Store’ feature enables customers to follow the vendors whose products they like and want to stay updated with.

Customers can follow multiple vendors according to their interests. They will receive updates and emails about the vendors’ newly added products. Customers won’t receive emails every time a vendor uploads a product to their Store; rather, they will be notified in one email that the vendors they follow have uploaded new products to their Store within 24 hours.

To access the vendor store list page, a customer must navigate to the Vendors page and click on it. 

From here, the customer can view the list of all the active vendor stores where they will see a new Follow button under each Store in the vendor listing page.

Now any customer can simply click on the Follow button to follow any particular or all vendor store from here. The customer can also follow a specific store by visiting a vendor store separately. For that, they would simply need to click on Visit Store tab and then click on Follow.

To check out their followed vendor store list, customers must log in to their accounts and navigate to Vendors.

You can unfollow a vendor at any time by going to the vendor’s page on the site’s front end or in the My Account section.

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