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House of Assets’ Prediction for Art Trends in 2024

30 Jan, 2024 Fine Art

House of Assets recognises that with a new year comes a new breadth of opportunities. With budding up-and-coming artists surfacing every month, the art world takes a new direction each year. Directed either by consumer tastes or introducing art investors to something they didn’t know they needed, the art scene will continue to witness a dynamic shift in 2024, and a variety of new art trends are due to be established. 

In the eyes of an art investor, it is imperative to keep up to date on art trends as they will add both cultural significance and potential financial returns to each piece of art. So, let’s dive in on the predicted trends for 2024! 

The Art World Turns Sustainable:

Art investors are increasingly drawn to artworks and artists that align with environmental consciousness. Sustainable-driven art, created using a range of recycled materials or promoting eco-friendly themes, reflects the artist’s commitment to the planet and their push to make ecological changes before it’s too late. Buying art as an investment and collecting pieces that champion sustainability holds many benefits. Not only does it contribute to a greener world and align itself with many other contemporary art investors, but it also makes your investment culturally iconic, increasing the likelihood of a good return on investment. 

AI takes over the Art World:

The emergence of artificial intelligence and an artistic impression is definitely something for art investors to keep their eyes on. Are artworks generated or influenced by AI algorithms pushing boundaries of creativity, arguably more so than regular popular paintings? Investing in this intersection of technology and art now may hold value in the future of more regular artistic innovation. House of Assets believes that a worthwhile trend to look into is the phenomenon of ‘data poisoning’ art. The intricate method of an artist hacking into AI algorithms to sabotage and challenge the ethics of artificial intelligence will create a form of AI-generated art. The message behind this form of art is for the artists to express their ongoing struggle between traditional art processes and the power of the future of art in a technology-driven era. 

The Art World Takes on Social Narratives:

Art has forever taken a long stretch to societal reflection, but in 2024, there will be an increased focus on socially conscious narratives. While art investors are showing a growing interest in contemporary art and fine art that addresses pressing global issues, artists are also keen to share their creative voices. Artists want to inspire change and build awareness of global issues as their way of doing something for the world. More specific to this is a trend called hypersentimentalism, which is growing in popularity. Artists are on a mission to depict personal and intimate human connections and real-life relationships to counter our growing digital world. Again, for investors, the best art investments are ones which hold this cultural dialogue as they could appreciate in value as their impact grows in years to come. Who knows, maybe this type of art can become the most popular painting in years to come. 

In 2024, the art investment landscape will be marked with a unique blend, keeping with tradition and new technological innovation. Art investors who are keen on exploring these trends with us at House of Assets should approach the market with a keen eye, valuing both the cultural significance and the potential long-term value of the artworks. 

So, if you want to buy art as an investment but aren’t sure where to find these new and trending pieces in 2024, then you’re in the right place! House of Assets isn’t picky about what art we list, and we are happy to welcome any new creative art trends onto our online auction house for your discretion. Coming in the first half of 2024, you can browse our online marketplace to your heart’s content, so until then, if you have any queries, don’t hesitate to get in contact! 

Beth Macdonald

Bethany is a seasoned expert in tangible asset investment, renowned for her astute insights in the realms of art, fine wines, whiskey and classic cars. With over two decades of experience in the financial and luxury asset management sectors, and working for other auction houses/marketplaces, she has a deep understanding of the market sector and investment trading. Her passion for tangible asset investments started early in her career and she has keen eye for value and art.

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