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House of Assets expands into exclusive luxury bags market

19 Apr, 2024 House of Assets

House of Assets is buzzing with activity as we prepare for the launch of our new website! It has been an incredibly exciting few months, welcoming several new and upcoming artists, collectible car dealerships, vineyards with the finest wine, and established distilleries on board. But now, we’re thrilled to announce our latest venture!

We’re delighted to introduce our new partnership with Limelight Nova, marking our foray into the world of collectible luxury designer bags. With a dedicated page on our website, we extend a warm invitation to all luxury handbag enthusiasts seeking to acquire the rarest and most valuable designer bags on the market.

Limelight Nova is a VIP fashion concierge business that hosts next-level personal shopping for the most elite and high-status individuals, making their services extremely exclusive! Specialising in luxury bags, their global team are experts in sourcing the most sought-after, exclusive, sold out and hard-to-find luxury fashion and are happy to extend their services to the House of Assets community! 

So how do they do it? Having been established since 2008, their extensive relations across the VIP luxury fashion industry are second to none. Whether you’re in search of brand-new releases or pre-loved treasures spotted by celebrities, their seasoned team can fulfil your desires.  Through direct relationships and communications with brands, fashion houses and retailers, no job is ever too big for them. 

How will it work for House of Assets? Having its own page on our website, you will have access to a contact form where you can detail exactly what luxury bag you are looking for, and we’ll take it off you from there! From Hermés Birkin bags to Chanel clutch bags, have your dream collection piece presented to you with ease. So whether you want to flash the beauty of your new purchase or have a space for it in your display cabinet of collectible bags, there’s endless possibility to reap the rewards of your acquisition and claim its preserved retail value.

We take pride in expanding our range of tangible assets for the benefit of our community. We’re particularly excited to assist fellow luxury handbag enthusiasts in discovering their perfect match and securing the most exclusive finds in the fashion world. If you’re eager to make your dream purchase before our official launch, don’t hesitate to reach out—we’re ready to work our magic.

Beth Macdonald

Bethany is a seasoned expert in tangible asset investment, renowned for her astute insights in the realms of art, fine wines, whiskey and classic cars. With over two decades of experience in the financial and luxury asset management sectors, and working for other auction houses/marketplaces, she has a deep understanding of the market sector and investment trading. Her passion for tangible asset investments started early in her career and she has keen eye for value and art.

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